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Who We Are Today

Spencer's Ice Cream has been making ice cream in Bradley, Maine since 1933. Jack Watkins picked up the ice cream baton in the spring of 2018 and promises to deliver the same great quality that Norman Spencer proudly put his name on all those years ago.

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Our Flavors

There are 59 flavors & recipes listed in our original Spencer's Ice Cream book- but that doesn't mean our talented ice cream makers aren't creative.

Our premium ice cream, which still boasts 14% butterfat, is and has always been made on site. On any given day there are between 16 and 48 flavors available, with seasonal favorites such as Strawberry Rhubarb,c Eggnog or Peppermint Stick on the menu.


Come Find Us

Spencer's Ice Cream, which began as Spencer's Market in 1933, is located at 77 Main Street in Bradley, Maine.

Please note that although we have a phone #, much of our day is dedicated to face to face customer service, ice cream making, or time in the "igloo" where cell service is non-existent. But do leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as it's possible.

Menu / Price List

Prices & offers subject to change without notice.

Wholesale Premium Ice Cream

Email OR cALL 207-307-1398

Flavors Available In Random Rotation


Apple Pie * Banana * Black Raspberry * Blueberry * Blueberry Rhubarb Pie * Bubblegum * Buttercrunch * Butter Pecan * Butterscotch *  Caramel Apple * Cherry Chocolate Chip * Cherry Vanilla * Cherry Walnut * Chocolate * Chocolate Chip * Chocolate Cherry Chip * Chocolate Cookie Dough * Chocolate M&M * Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge * Chocolate Walnut * Coconut * Coffee * Cookie Dough * Cotton Candy * Espresso Chip * French Vanilla * Grapenut * Lemon Chiffon * Maple Grapenut * Maple Walnut * M & M * Mint Chocolate Chip  * Orange Creamsicle * Orange Pineapple * Peanut Butter * Peanut Butter Cup *  Peppermint Stick * Pistachio * Pumpkin Chocolate Chip * Pumpkin Pie *  Red Raspberry * Rum Raisin * Strawberry  * Strawberry Rhubarb  * More!

Ice Cream Truck & Trailer Requests

Petunia Ice Cream Truck

Petunia, Spencer's ice cream truck & 3 trailers.  Public, private & fundraising events.

Petunia, Spencer's ice cream truck &  now the addition of 3 trailers, are available for public, private & fundraising events.

Please email us if you have questions at

Or to request if date, # people & event is logistically available. Spencer's Ice Cream will forward an invoice upon your confirmation.

Public Truck & Trailer Events

Spencer's Ice Cream in Bradley attends public food truck events like concerts & fundraisers. Bangor.

Public appearances by Petunia & our homemade ice cream must be agreed upon in advance in writing. This allows Spencer's Ice Cream to WAIVE BASE FEE OF $150-$275 & charge per person.

  • 0-25 people $5/ & $150 waived
  • 26-34 people $5/ & $175 waived
  • 35-49 people $5/& $250 waived
  • 50+ people  $5/ & $275 waived

Private Truck & Trailer Events

Spencer's Ice Cream truck is great for birthday parties, family reunions, weddings. Food Truck.

Event is generally based on maximum of 3 hours which may include travel. Private events such as birthday, wedding, family reunions, workplace events are paid in full when booked. Refunds up to 7 days in advance of event  & may reschedule 1x before cancellation. Base fee includes up to # of people & is $ for each over. (Yes, prices include ice cream, truck, stafff)

  • 0-25    ppl  $150 Base Fee + $6 over
  • 26-35  ppl  $175 Base Fee +$6 over
  • 36-45 ppl  $250 Base Fee +$6 over
  • 46-55 ppl  $275 Base Fee +$6 over 

Charitable Truck & Trailer Events

Spencer's Ice Cream for charity, fundraisers, greater Orono events. Maine. Bangor area. Parties.

Charities & our community are important to us. All events must be pre-approved in writing. Event is generally 1-3 hours or less.

  • W9 if event or yearly donation is expected to exceed $600.

Sharing Proposal

Popular with teams, private groups, non-official groups.

  • Spencer's Ice Cream will waive base price & donate $1 of each sale.
  • Popular for quick fundraising efforts when not an official team or group.

Sponsorship Proposal


  • Spencer's Ice Cream will waive base price for school team/fundraising efforts.
  • Marketing/Sponsorship 


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Since 1933

Spencer's Ice Cream

77 Main Street, Bradley, ME, USA

(207) 835 - 1496


Summer Hours start Friday, June 22nd 11am to 9pm.