Fundraisers Are Simple & Profitable

PINTS fundraisers with Spencer's Ice Cream are not only great because you are supporting local biz & folks who live in our communities, but 20% of sales is handed directly to your organization- typically on day of delivery.

Fundraisers typically begin on a Friday and run two Mondays- about 10 days. This gives two full weekends and still provides plenty of time for delivery which is usually a few days after CLOSE of fundraiser but can be a longer window if desired.

Payment is collected at CLOSE of fundraiser when you either email us the order forms or when you drop them off. Whatever is easiest.

Payment may be made in form of checks to Spencer's Ice Cream, cash or combos. One check from organization is also acceptable.

Spencer's Ice Cream prefers to collect ALL proceeds and write a separate check to you for fundraiser earnings as this works best for accounting

How to get started...

Spencer's Ice Cream will email or deliver your fundraising packet that includes simple instructions, pints order form with approximately a dozen flavors, & tips on a successful fundraiser.

Delivery dates are free & flexible.

What If We're Not A Non-profit?

Spencer's Ice Cream is still able to assist you in raising funds for your cause. We've helped those raising funds for illness to simple staff orders to donate to a cause close to their heart or one of our choice. Whatever the cause, Spencer's can help!

Why Cool Months Are Often Better To Host Fundraiser

Schedule your fundraiser anytime of year. We find that container sales of our pints actually rocket during cooler months when ice cream stands are unavailable. Maine IS an ice cream state, of course!

Host A "POP UP"!

A Spencer's Ice Cream "Pop Up" is a yumtastic way to add an amazing boost to your fundraiser- or as a stand alone.

Usually these are done at time of delivery but not necessarily. We simply arrive, Pop Up, and serve delicious cones or dishes of our premium 1933 handmade ice cream. Again, 20% of proceeds benefit your cause but may need to arrive in a second check if we've already arrived with the original check from pint sales.